Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh right...

I almost forgot this stuff. Better pics later I hope. Unfortunately Cooksey is collecting our games over break.

Level progression

I've been meaning to put these shots up for a while but I've been busy...so here's weeks worth of work all in one post! It still needs work so I'll put up my final screen shots and perhaps a video walk-through sometime after Thursday.

It all began with a map sketch and concept...

so here's the gray box layout for my level that I started with

some set dressing progression...

Lighting and further set dressing up to where I am now...

and just for fun...a space invader made of cinder blocks (because I got frustrated and needed a distraction :p)

Friday, December 4, 2009

so i decided

to make life harder for myself and hate my charlie canary illustration...just the face really, i fixed it a bit, still don't like it much but now I have to change the art on all the stuff I already printed...-_-.

promised screen shots coming soon

one more week....I can do this. I hope.