Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween post!

It isn't Halloween yet but the party I threw this year has come and gone. During the past week in preparation for the party I did a lot of baking and DIY decorating.

These are our pumpkins, Chris did the koffing one on the left, mine is the more traditional jack o'lantern on the right. I roasted their seeds and they were delicious. They unfortunately went a bit soft before the party, but they look nice here.

 This is my costume this year. I made an addition to my old Jack Frost costume in the form of a Pyro Jack puppet. So instead of just one character I went as both Jack Brothers. I'm entering the Atlus O Weenie costume contest with it this year so please vote for me starting Nov. 5!

 I also made charlie an Atlus themed costume, a shadow from Persona!

 These are some flowers that Chris got me. I customized the vase for the season.

 This was the table of treats I presented for our party. The Jack O'lanterns were provided by our friends Jen and Brendan.
 I made my pumpkin pie cupcakes again because they are delicious and seasonal.

 I made pumpkin shaped peanut butter cookies with a sugar glaze and an apple cider spiced rum punch with gummy worm and cinnamon stick garnish.

 And lastly I made poison apple cupcakes. I am pretty proud of these because I came up with the recipe all on my own. They are chocolate cake with caramel filling and special apple cider cinnamon butter cream frosting that I colored green and looks no where near as tasty as it actually is. And of course gummy worms on top.They turned out really rich as you can imagine, but everyone loved them.

 This is a pic of Charlie, our friend Patrick dressed as Bane from Batman and Chris dressed as Q from Street Fighter playing fighting games before the other guests arrived. Mask mode.

 I had been waiting months to light these bleeding candles and they did not disappoint.

 I decorated with retro horror movie posters of course. The rest of my decorations were made with paper and sharpie because I was on a pretty tight budget this year.

Can you tell I love Halloween?

Monday, October 8, 2012

More Cupcakes

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today, so to celebrate the ripped off American holiday I made some cupcakes. I love pumpkin pie so I decided to do my own take on pumpkin pie cupcakes. They are spice cake with pumpkin pie filling, whipped cream on top and little pie crust pumpkins for garnish. Yum!

In other news, I had an art test last week, a 3 day challenge from a studio called Telos up here in PEI. I turned it in on Friday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear back after the holiday.