Friday, April 26, 2013

A Playlist for Johnny

I'm working on a personal game project right now to sort of explore the 2d side of things and learn some basic programming. I also really wanted to create something that was mine and in which I could really express my creativity. 

The working title  is “A Playlist for Johnny.” It will be a short narrative experience based on true events and created in memory of an old friend of mine. I've been posting updates on my tumblr, but it didn't want to upload my gifs or video so I decided to put them on here so I could link from this blog. I like making gifs lately...I blame tumblr. 

Anyway, what's happening in these gifs is some stand in animation and a few mechanics I have worked out for the first level. The main mechanic here is phasing through people. In the last gif the character she phases through is actually the title character Johnny who is standing in for student sprites I haven't made yet. The students will spawn and be walking in the opposite direction of the player character pushing her back and she will have to phase through them to get to the next room.