Friday, September 24, 2010

Pure Creation

This is my first finished drawing for game art assignment. The one in the bottom right corner is the inspiration for my next assignment, the fantastic environment (gotta finish the realistic environment first, updates on that later). Besides that one, the butterfly monster is probably my favorite. I always wanted an attack butterfly at my disposal.

Here is some of the process that went in to creating these, doodles, textures, and silhouette variations:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Escher Modular Construction Kit DONE

Ain't no rest for the wicked (awesome).

I would say more about this, maybe after I recuperate from this past long laboring weekend, but its hard to form words right now. I made a camera move vid too, but it needs to be tweaked a bit so I'll drop that on here later.

This one is a WIP shot before I did lighting and stuff, but I like it

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a chance to breathe

So this first week was extremely intense, but getting back to work feels wonderful.

Today I got to eat, sleep and drink so I feel a little more human again and decided to update my blog.

Here is some of what I've been working on. For 3D we are creating modular construction kits, I chose to use the theme of Escher architecture so that I could use my ascending/descending staircase, which has evolved a lot from being just bsp in udk to a nice clean model in maya :). I just got to the texturing stage which is exciting because I'm doing something pretty new for me and making it stylized rather than realistic. The goal is to make it look drawn/sketchy, but still architectural.

texture progress in udk, still needs work

other assets in maya:


fence (this is actually four pieces put together
stairs, they can either be in the base or be two sided for more of that escher style
four sided building piece
arches, showing old and new topology
some of the assets put together with the stairs

Our teacher is giving us the long weekend to complete the assignment so the next update will hopefully be awesome finished assets.