Thursday, May 23, 2013


So I made this really short game a few weekends ago. I’ve been going back and fourth about posting it because it isn’t very long or particularly challenging, but I decided I should since I did spend a couple of days making it, and even if it didn’t turn out exactly how I had hoped I think it gets the idea across. And who knows, maybe I’ll return to it one day.
One of the goals I like to aim for when I make a game is take a personal experience and make it a shared one. For this game I wanted to convey the feeling of having an aura migraine, which is a condition I’ve suffered from my entire life. To do this I took a simple platformer and introduced artistic representations of some of the symptoms to debilitate the player. 
Aura migraines cause spots, dizziness, sensitivity to light, temporary blindness, numbing/tingling of the limbs, inability to talk/type correctly, fatigue, memory lapses, hallucinations, ringing in the ears, and of course, terrible headache pain. 
Sounds fun right?
So if you’d like to check it out, it only takes about 3 minutes to play. It’s best with sound.
After seeing some responses to the game I’m going to add a note here: If you start playing and you feel like you’re getting a headache please stop. It wasn’t my intention to inflict pain. I really appreciate your feedback!
Play it here               or Here


  1. It really kicked my butt! That reverse control stage was a tough one! It's cool to see you are making games now! Are you learning coding to make this? :)

  2. Thanks Esther! I'm learning a little coding, but I made this in Stencyl, which has a really great visual scripting system that makes doing things like this a lot easier for someone who is new to it, like me.